Comprehensive Services Tailored to Your Needs
Superior Benefit Specialists is a vital service link between you and your employee benefit carriers. We evaluate your specific needs by reviewing your financial goals and listening to your insurance needs and expectations. Superior Benefit Specialists can recommend a custom-tailored program that includes the right choices for your employees and your organization.

To serve the client we

  • Ascertain the Client's philosophy of employee benefits and financial risks.
  • Evaluate your current benefit plan(s).
  • Assist in developing short/long-term strategies relating to benefit design alternatives.
  • Prepare proposal specifications sent to carriers and administrators.
  • Analyze carrier proposals.
  • Custom-tailor plans and propose them to you.
  • Implement any/all plans that we recommend.
  • Become a long-term partner for annual reviews to improve benefits and reduce premiums.

In addition to the many services already mentioned, Superior Benefit Specialists offers many "ongoing" services.

  • Advise of legislation changes that affect your benefits programs.
  • Assist with the process of determining employee premium contributions.
  • Assist with administrative/billing issues.
  • Write appeal letters for employees
  • Develop communication materials, as needed, for employees