Who We Are and How We Help

When talking about work benefits we imagine that best practice is having a strong team that is dedicated to the cares and concerns of the employee. Superior Benefit Specialists, LLC, has emerged as one of the leading employee benefit consulting firms in the Dayton region. The goal is to combine a stellar reputation, innovative knowledge, and confident experience to the ever-changing landscape of what it means to really depend on your work benefits.

Whether you need a resource to help choose and update your individual benefit programs, or a guide to understanding the often lengthy state/federal and industry practices, Superior Benefit Specialists have a professional staff who can help customize services to fit your needs.

We are dedicated to speaking on your behalf to produce the highest quality of service taking into account the philosophy and financial risks present. We can evaluate existing benefit plans and strategize with you to develop short and long term alternatives. And we won’t leave you to implement your goals all on your own, especially if we recommend a change. In the end, we will become a long-term partner you can lean on for annual reviews to continue improving.

Maybe the help you need it merely assistance to the ground-breaking work you are already doing, and we are here for the conversation. We can address legislation changes that might affect you, the process of premium contributions, and even help with administrative and billing issues. We’ll even write appeal letters for employees and help to develop communication materials so that everyone can really understand each other. Superior Benefit Specialists, are just that: specialists who craft superior benefits that work for you.
Posted on Jan 6th, 2020