What Employees Want

It’s now the year 2020 and since then there have been radical changes in the way businesses treat their employees. From the start of the Industrial Revolution in the 1760s, to the Tech Revolution of the 1980s, the way we view those who contribute to the workplace is always evolving. Superior Benefit Specialists is now hoping to make this new era in the workplace one that benefits the needs of a unique and diverse workforce, like you.

In a study done by the Harvard Business Review the five most desired work benefits employees want are better health, dental, and vision insurance, more flexible hours, more vacation time/unlimited vacations, work-from-home options, and student loan assistance. Understanding what the average American employee desires in the workplace can help make for a better company environment over all.

Superior Benefit Specialists makes it their mission to be a vital service link between you and your employee benefit carriers. Being able to look at your specific needs and evaluate your financial goals and insurance needs, we hope to add a bit of stability and peace of mind to your work/life balance.

The Harvard Business research, also, shows “that workplace stress leads to an increase of almost 50% in voluntary turnover.” People with inadequate benefits go back on the job market, decline promotions, or simply resign. In the end this hurts businesses just as much because of the turnover costs for recruiting, training, and the loss of expertise that leads to lower productivity as a whole. In fact, the Center for American Progress estimates that “replacing a single employee costs approximately 20% of that employee’s salary.”

It’s important for the productivity of a business, and the mental health of the employee, to understand the needs of one another. What better way to form that lasting connection between an individual and an organization then to provide personalized work benefits for both the person and the business? At Superior Benefit Specialists, we understand that starting to conversation about benefits can be difficult for both the business and the individual, so let us start it for you.
Posted on Feb 6th, 2020